Getting to Hotham

  • By Plane
  • By Coach and Taxi
  • By Car
  • Chains
  • Parking
  • Village transport
  • Resort Entry

By Plane

Waiting on info from Qantas.

By Coach

We can book your coach transport with Snowball Express – Mt Hotham Bus Coach Service direct from Melbourne to Mt Hotham.

ALPINE SPIRIT COACHES are the True SNOW EXPERTS for all types of Snow Transfers & Travel. Situated in the beautiful towns of Myrtleford & Bright in North East of Victoria, they are the local people with local knowledge and experiences. Your Snow Experience to the Victorian Snow fields starts with the journey when travelling with them. Alpine Spirit has various modern vehicle types and sizes which are all available for charter. Their locally employed friendly staff are committed to your safety, comfort and experience when visiting the area. All drivers are extensively trained in driving practices in Hazardous areas of Mt Hotham, Dinner Plain & Falls Creek. Alpine Spirit Coaches are proudly part of the Alpine community – personally, commercially and professionally.

Luxury Private Charter: Wanting that up-market Exclusive Snow Experience. Alpine Spirit Coaches now operates a new top of the range 4WD limo service to all Snow fields. Door to door services are available from all airports and train stations or from your home to and from your final destination. A personalized service that is focused on spoiling you and your friends to the highest standard with that ever important care factor. While travelling to the slopes, stop at a boutique winery, sample some local produces, visit some points of interest, a quick snow play, some quick shopping get the idea   

Bookings are essential

Snowball Express – Mt Hotham Bus service. We can also book your bus transport: Adelaide, Melbourne to Mt Hotham & Dinner Plain services are all available.

The perfect affordable alternative to driving or flying to the mountain. Buses depart Southern Cross station as well as Melbourne Airport. There are also pick-ups available from Myrtleford, Bright and Harrietville on the way up to Mt Hotham & Dinner Plain.

Park’n’Ride options are also available – please ask!

All services are operated by Alpine Spirit Coaches who are part of the Alpine Snow & Valley communities.

Call us today as to enquire about up to date schedules and services and to make your booking.

By Car

Hotham is located at the crest of the Great Alpine Road, the highest bitumen road in Australia. By road the resort is 357km from Melbourne, 746km from Sydney and 882km from Adelaide.

Firstly before you leave home, check that you have organised your resort entry permit which has to be pre-purchased before your arrival. We have an exciting new resort entry system that was launched this season called Alpine Easy Access. It’s a simple process that allows you to organise your resort entry conveniently online or over the phone with no more stopping required at the resort entry points. Click here to go the Alpine Easy Access page.

From Melbourne

Route 1. Take the Hume Hwy to Wangaratta then the Great Alpine Road direct to Hotham, or the Snow Road via Milawa & Oxley to Myrtleford & Hotham. Travel time around 4.5 hours.
Route 2. Take the Monash Freeway (which turns into the Princes Hwy) to Bairnsdale, then the Great Alpine Road direct to Mount Hotham. Travel time around 5 hours.

From Sydney

Route 1. Take the Hume Hwy to Albury-Wodonga and follow the snow signs to Yackandandah then turn off to Myrtleford. At Myrtleford turn onto the Great Alpine Road to Bright then Harrietville and Hotham. Travel time around 8 hours.

From Adelaide

Route 1. Take the Mallee Highway to Ouyen, connect to the Murray Valley Highway to Swan Hill, the Midland Highway to Shepparton, then take the Hume Highway to Wangaratta, followed by the Great Alpine Road direct to Hotham. Travel time around 12 hours.

From Brisbane

Route 1. From Brisbane drive south along the Newell Highway across NSW via Tocumwal and Cobram then across to Wangaratta. Take the Great Alpine Road direct to Hotham via Bright and Harrietville. Travel time around 15 hours.

From Newcastle

Route 1. Take the Sydney Newcastle Freeway, connecting with the M7/South Western Freeway and Hume Highway to Goulburn and Albury-Wodonga. Then follow the snow signs to Yackandandah then turn off to Myrtleford. At Myrtleford turn onto the Great Alpine Road to Bright then Harrietville and Hotham. Travel time around 10 hours.

Chains Tips

  • Fit chains at bays where you see the “Fit Chains Here” sign.
  • Always fit chains to driving wheels only. When required, four wheel drive vehicles should fit chains to front wheels.
  • Chain fitting bays are level and make fitting easier. If you don’t use the chain fitting bay you may find yourself in a lot of trouble.
  • Chains are hard to fit on slopes, and you will obstruct other vehicles and snow clearing equipment.
  • At all resorts, you can be fined for not carrying and fitting chains as directed.
  • If it has not been necessary to fit chains when travelling to the resort, it is advisable to fit them upon arrival in preparation for the return trip.
  • It is quite difficult to fit them to cars covered by snow.
  • Do not drive faster than 40kph.

Chain Fitting Checklist

Fit chains to driving wheels only.

  • Always test fit chains before a trip.
  • Fit at fitting bays on level ground.
  • If chains fall off or loosen when a vehicle is in motion stop and check brake lines for damage, before retensioning.
  • Carry a torch, plastic garbage bag and gloves to make fitting easier.
  • Use correct fitting chains.
  • Tyres must be in good condition with minimal wear.
  • The use of diamond pattern chains is recommended at most resorts.
  • Chains alter your car’s handling, take time to readjust your driving and take care!

Parking at Mt Hotham

If you are driving to Hotham you will need to park your car in an appropriate car park depending on whether you are visiting for the day or for an overnight period.

Day Vistors

For day visitors, parking is available in the Corral Day Carpark in the heart of the Village and along the Great Alpine Road towards the Davenport end of the village, until 11pm. Parking attendants are often on hand to direct you and you are asked to observe all parking directives and signs.

If you have kids then you should head to the Big D Centre, that is located half way along the village and park in the day car parking area adjacent to the Centre.

Overnight Visitors

For overnight visitors, carparking is available below Bus Stop 8 towards the Wire Plain cross country area, depending on demand. Look for the large red sign indicating the start of overnight parking. Getting back to the village is easy with the free village transport service that will collect you from within the overnight carparking zone. If in doubt with where to park, please check with the Resort Management Office or ask a parking attendant.

On Friday night parking attendants are on duty until 3am to assist and direct arrivals to overnight carparking areas.

Parking Hints

  • Park only where directed. If you do not, you run the risk of another vehicle or snow clearing vehicle, running into what looks to the driver like just another drift of snow.
  • Do not apply the handbrake: moisture can freeze the cables and brake linings.
  • Leave the car in gear with the front wheels turned away from the slope.
  • Always park as close to the bank as possible, to leave room for two-way traffic.
  • Do not use rocks to chock wheels as they may damage snow clearing machines.
  • Remove wheel chocks from parking area when leaving.
  • Even if chains were not required to enter the area, it is advisable to fit them when parking. It is much easier than trying to fit them later for the return trip if weather conditions change or the vehicle is snowbound.
  • Cover the radiator to help prevent freezing.
  • Periodically clear snow from on and around the vehicle.
  • Lift wipers from windscreen or place in a plastic bag if parking for an extended period so that wipers do not stick to the glass.
  • Don’t use wooden chocks, these tend to slip on icy surface.
  • Clear all glass and mirrors of ice before attempting to drive away from snowfields.
  • For fast demisting of the front windscreen, use the car’s heater and fan in conjunction with the vehicle’s airconditioner.
  • Warm the engine for a few minutes before driving off.
  • Motoring on alpine roads not only requires concentration and adept driving skills, but also a lot of patience. Keep your cool if stuck in a long queue of traffic, and always follow directions by resort staff and road signs. They are there for your safety.
  • Important note for diesel vehicles: If you drive a diesel vehicle we recommend that you fill up in towns closest to the mountain who supply alpine diesel as the cold temperatures in the alpine environment can affect diesel fuel. Please ensure you check with your owner/operators manual for any advice on entering alpine or cold climate areas.

For more information about driving to Hotham Alpine Resort contact:

Mt Hotham Resort Management Board

Phone: (03) 5759 3550

Village Transport

Getting around the village of Hotham and to Dinner Plain is easy with Village Transport.

As part of your resort entry fee, Mt Hotham Resort Management Board run a FREE Village Bus Service to help you move easily from pillow to powder, bar to bar or home after a long day on the slopes. Bus stops are found throughout the village along the Great Alpine Road.

There is also an additional bus service to provide transport between Hotham and Dinner Plain, located 10kms towards Omeo on the Great Alpine Road.

Resort Entry

A Resort Entry Fee is applied to all vehicles and passengers of coaches and taxis entering the resort during the declared snow season.

The fee has an important function – it covers such things as:

  • Mount Hotham ski patrol
  • Village snow clearing
  • Free village transport
  • Traffic and car parking management
  • Cross country trail grooming
  • Waste management