Big Week of Snow ahead!

From the Grasshopper at Mountain Watch Ridgey-didge today, with high pressure clearing out the remaining flurries early, allowing us to take a quick breather today and tomorrow. However by tomorrow afternoon the northerly winds will be cranking across Victoria and ...Read More

Early snow forecast for 2013

EARLY INDICATIONS 2013: Whilst not normally posting forecasts up this early I will give an early indication of what I can currently see; Climate models indicate ENSO-neutral conditions are likely to persist through the southern hemisphere autumn. Ocean temperatures around ...Read More
Hotham Fire - Snow Reservations Centre

Hotham Bushfire News

HARRIETVILLE-ALPINE SOUTH Harrietville - Alpine South Effective: 12/02/13 5:03 PM Expires: 13/02/13 1:00 PM Incident Information: Department of Sustainability and Environment advise that there is fire activity in the Harrietville - Alpine South area. This bushfire is not yet under ...Read More
Great Alpine Road - Hotham - Tree Clearing

Hotham road open.

From the Hotham website: Great Alpine Road recovery works progressing well - please read below this press release to see access times on the Great Alpine Road VicRoads opened the Great Alpine Road to the local media today to give ...Read More

It’s Snowing!!!

Looks like Mother Nature is coming to the party with a fresh delivery... It's officially snowing at Hotham! Experts like ‘The Grasshopper’ are predicting snowfalls all the way through to Thursday next week... Let’s hope they’re right! It looks like ...Read More